Taxidermy Freight

To our friends in the taxidermy industry, those artists who recreate nature. To the individuals that participate in ocean sport fishing and big game hunting, to those who just enjoy collecting taxidermy art, Thanks for stopping by. For the past 25 years, we’ve been working with taxidermist and individuals to ship their taxidermy art all over the country. We know how to ship taxidermy so you’re transport is done properly., a division of Payless Freight, specializes in deep freight discounts for the transport of saltwater mounts, big game mounts, scenery mounts and all items that are too large for UPS or USPS. We use the largest national carriers and cover the entire United States. Most US shipment are completed within a week of pickup and we know the best way to ship taxidermy.

For the individual or taxidermy art collector who just need to ship a deer head, a deer shoulder mount, an elk head or even ship a large full size bear mount, we can save you big money by shipping with us. Before you ship, at least compare our rates to what you have been already quoted. We’ll take all the work out of shipping and make your experience easy. Just call us. We’ll email you all the documents and the carrier will show up and pick it up. You can call us or track online. The greatest benefit we provide is a caring staff to assist you with all your shipping needs and answer all of your questions.

For the taxidermist, our freight discounts can provide your company and your customer substantial savings on shipping, improving your gross sales. Whether it’s shipping a mount to your customer or shipping hides to a tannery, we can help. We’ve worked with taxidermist in all 50 states. We urge you to compare our freight cost with your current costs. We have saved our customers from fifty to hundreds of dollars per shipment. If freight costs are hurting your sales, give our services a try. It only takes a minute to fill out our quote form and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised. Another benefit of Taxidermy Freight is we take all the work out of shipping process and allow you to focus on your craft. We complete the Bill of Lading, arrange for the pickup and provide online tracking.

How much does it cost to ship a deer or elk mount or any taxidermy art, just give us a call at 620-374-2353 and let us impress you today.

This process is simple and easy to do and we do believe we can save you money. For a quick freight quote fill out the form below!

Like 1 crate or 1 box, we don't care how many mounts are in each crate, box or on a pallet.
If on a pallet, include the size of the pallet
If on a pallet, include the size of the pallet
If on a pallet, include the size of the pallet
Taxidermy MUST be packaged securely to ship and the carriers do not offer packaging services.
If the Above Fields Restricted You, like multiple items, just put everything in here. We do need the Total Combined Weight of all pieces being shipped!