For our friends in the taxidermy industry, individuals that participate in ocean sport fishing and big game hunting, and those who just enjoy collecting taxidermy art and are adding to their taxidermy collection., a division of Payless Freight, specializes in deep freight discounts for saltwater mounts, big game mounts, scene mounts and all products that are too large for UPS or USPS. We use the largest national carriers and cover the entire United States. Shipments can be done into and out of Canada as well.

Our freight discounts can provide your company or your customer substantial savings on shipping, while improving your bottom line. We urge you to compare our freight cost with your current costs. We have saved our customers from $50.00 to several hundred dollars per shipment. If freight costs are hurting your sales, give our rates a try. It only takes a minute to fill out our quote form and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised. Another benefit of Taxidermy Freight is we take all the work out of shipping. We complete the Bill of Lading, arrange for the pickup and provide online tracking. We even file and handle all claims! The greatest benefit we provide is a full time staff to assist you with all your shipping needs and answer all of your questions.

Call us at 800-722-5776 and let us impress you today.

This program is simple and easy to use. We believe you will find it very financially rewarding. For a quick freight quote fill out the form below!




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